Katrina Y. Nelson is a multitalented writer, director, comedian and award-winning producer. Born and raised in Baltimore, Nelson moved to Los Angeles in 2004 and hit the ground running working on independent feature films, television projects and web/digital series. Nelson produced the web series “The Enemy: The N in Me,” “Life Coach Chronicles” (which won the Award of Merit at the Indie Fest), and “Breaking Point” (winner of the Outstanding Achievement Award – Best Ensemble Cast: Drama at the LA Web Fest), both in 2012. Her short and feature length film producing credits include: “Always Remember”, “A Killer Surprise”, “Showrunner”, and “The Wake” (which she wrote, produced and directed and is currently streaming on XOD.TV and Amazon Prime), “Misogynist” (winner of the Best Narrative Feature at the Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival in 2013), “Past Impulse” (which won the Best Dramatic Short Film Trinity International Film Festival in 2014), and “Still” (winner of the Audience Award – Best Film-at the Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival in 2017). Nelson’s latest film, “Shadows,” is due out this year, starring David LaBrava, Krista Allen and Eric Etabari. Nelson also has a sexy legal drama she Co-Created titled, LACE, premiering this fall on AMC/ALLBLK streaming platform.


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